Good Questions: Temporary Wallpaper?

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Hello AT,

I like my apartment in general. It has a good layout and hardwood floors, but the white walls are driving me crazy.

My lease says I am not allowed to paint, and I heard mention somewhere, once upon a time, that there is such a thing as temporary wall paper. Do you know of this, or anything like it that will save me from an off-white existence?

Living in Vanilla, Jeni

We don’t know about temporary wallpaper and would love it if someone enlightened us all on this one.

What we usually do in this case is A. paint anyway in a nice off-white that the landlord won’t freak out about or notice, or B. hang fabric from the top of your wall or walls. This can be very dramatic and is easy to do. You can find affordable fabric at Joe’s Fabric Warehouse or Harry Zarin’s Warehouse and then either staplegun or nail it into the wall with a long, thin strip of wood at the top, tucked inside. It will also make your room much quieter. (Thanks, Jeni!) MGR