Good Questions: The Essentials?

Good Questions: The Essentials?

Gregory Han
Nov 26, 2008

Rachel writes:
I've never really developed 'my style' in the place I'm living. Living arrangements, financial constraints, and a total lack of patience have been major hindrances, but now I've got the opportunity to start all over! Having moved in with a family member, my things are in storage and it seems like the perfect time to start discarding what I don't need or isn't 'me' and start amassing the things I will need for when I head out on my own...again. So I'm wandering, what are the essential pieces that I need to start looking for first (or keeping from my current belongings)? I want to make sure that when I do move out again I have all the things needed to feel like a settled adult instead a (wo)man child with all hand-me-downs but still have the room to grow into my style.

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Personally we think you should live with as little possible for now as you're in a transition period, setting aside a savings particularly for future purchases. Instead of buying things now when you don't really need them during this transitional period, create an idea/inspiration book or board where you start forming an idea of what particular space and decor you want to live in. Many people make the mistake of trying to force a circular peg into a square hole when it comes to decor, partially because they carry over decorative and furnishing pieces from one place to another without carefully deliberating how the space works with each piece. If anything, patience is definitely a virtue when it comes to decorating a space with style...and style should be something formed over time, not purchased all at once.

When we moved into our first apartment as a couple, we didn't purchase a single piece of furniture for several months. We allowed ourselves to become acquainted with the light, space and movement of our new home. Do that first before purchasing anything major. For now, one thing you can purchase without worry about decor is a good mattress. That's definitely a "grown up" purchase we highly recommend (and can cost you a good deal of change).

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