Good Questions: The Right Colorful Bedding?

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Dear AT,

I have a large bright bedroom facing east that is off-white. I’d rather not have to paint, but am having a hard time finding a color scheme or comforter/duvet that will brighten up my room. I like jade green, purples, bright oranges, etc.

Any advice? I haven’t been able to hang pictures or curtains, because I can’t decide on the bedding. Price is also a bit of an issue.

Thanks, Katie

First of all take a look at our Top Ten Bedding list.

First decision: warm or cool colors? Since your room is off-white (warm), we would advise warm – head towards oranges, reds, purples, browns, warm grays…

Second decsion: colorful or neutral colors? While it can be a lot of fun to get really colorful with all your bedding, it is far more common to work with neutrals and put in dashes of color. This is the course we advise. Head towards creams, browns, tans and throw in oranges, reds, or purples

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Third decision: what do you need? A typical list:
1 duvet cover
1 bottom sheet
1 top sheet
4 pillowcases

Fourth decsion: how many colors do you need? MIX IT UP! We would advise no more than two or three colors ranging from light to darker.

Here is a sample of what we would do:
1 duvet cover – ivory – lightest
1 bottom sheet – warm, soft yellow
1 top sheet – warm, soft yellow
2 pillowcases – ivory
2 pillowcases – soft orange – darkest

We also advise looking for photographs in catalogs of made up beds you like and purchasing exactly what the highly paid sylists for those catalogs have already done. (Thanks, Katie! Picture from Matouk) MGR