Good Questions: To Project or To Not Project?

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Amy from SF had this question for us:

Hey guys! My boyfriend and I have been debating whether or not to go the projection route for quite a while now. We’ve heard a high definition projection setup is pretty cheap these days, especially if we’re looking to use it as our main movie watching setup – the bigger – the better! Still, we’re a bit concerned about daytime TV watching, which seems sorta impractical if it’s too big. What should we do? Buy both? But that costs too much! Please help us!


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Hello Amy,

Well to start things off, we’d like you to differentiate for us your setup. Is it going to be a dedicated home theater (a separate room altogether) or a combination of a living room/family room that’s used to watch movies on occasion?

If it’s a family room, we suggest sticking to a smaller LCD HDTV set – 42 to 46-inches should be just about right. However, if you guys really want to go all out with the projector, make sure the room is somewhat “detached” from the main living space. We say “detached” because this way, you won’t have a 100-inch screen consuming an entire wall in your room, right in the open for every one of your guests to see. To be frank, this look is ugly and you should avoid it at all costs.

Your other option could be mounting your TV and having a retractable screen that goes over it when you pull it down. This may be a little bit more expensive, but you’ll be getting the best of both worlds. A great example can be found here. You can also turn it into a piece of art if you so wish, or keep it completely retracted until in use. You can see this pulled off quite well in Bert’s setup featured last week.

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