Good Questions: Transforming This Scary Room Into Something More Inviting?

Good Questions: Transforming This Scary Room Into Something More Inviting?

Gregory Han
May 14, 2009

I'm a writer based in Beijing and I'm hoping your wise savvy readers can help me find a color palate for the ugliest living room in the world. Help! I know this may be one of the scariest living rooms ever posted on the site, but well, I have to deal with it. I just moved into a large furnished apartment in Beijing (1000 square feet) which is a huge luxury but I'm stuck with some less than ideal decor choices. The living room is common in a lot of Chinese apartments - one small window and very dark. It feels like a dungeon...

Got a good question you'd like answered? Send your queries and a photo or two illustrating your question, and we'll see if the ATLA team or our readers can help you out.

Can anyone suggest a palate that can go with this retro fridge? Avocado green and it works great. It also happens to be in my living room, unfortunately. It is impossible to fit it in my tiny kitchen. I don't really want to buy a new fridge and I'm hoping someone can suggest a palate that works with it. The futon is disgusting, but my landlord won't take it away. That being said, I can paint or recover anything. The weird glass thing in the entrance also terrifies me. I'm feeling a bit hopeless, so any advice would be greatly appreciated. Many thanks. -Katie

Katie's room does indeed look like many apartments in China and Hong Kong we've visited ourselves (or a room where microchips are fabricated). Are there any China or Hong Kong residents with tips about softening the hard surfaces with local resources for our terrified reader here? We're thinking adding an area rug and painting the interior walls would be a good start to softening the harsh and uninviting environment, but we're at a loss for that glass partition. AT readers...bring on your advice and help our far and away, Katie.

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