Good Questions: Well Designed Address Labels?

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Hello AT,

Do you know anyplace to order well-designed address labels (the adhesive kind)?

Most of the suppliers are of the cutesy teddy-bear/American Flag genre.

Thanks, Chris

This question could be considered a little off subject, but since we consider the home as THE place for the lost art of personal written correspondence, we put it in. However, we never use stick on labels, so we would have to leave that to someone else.

Instead, we use a rubber stamp that we had made at The Ink Pad in the West Village. Here is what you do: on your computer, design your address in the font and the layout you would like, print it out in the appropriate size and then take it over to the Ink Pad and they’ll make you a stamp in one to two weeks (@$25). Lasts forever and the variety of inks you can use is amazing. (Thanks, Chris!) MGR