Good Questions: What Are Furniture and Drape Solutions For My Home Office?

Good Questions: What Are Furniture and Drape Solutions For My Home Office?

Beth Zeigler
Oct 10, 2008

101008question-01.jpgApartment Therapy reader, Lisa writes in with few great questions about repurposing her spare bedroom as a home office. Let's help her our with space suggestions as well as recommending a storage furniture piece and drape solutions.

Hello AT,
I'm having a problem during the process of repurposing a room in our apartment as a home office/guest room. The picture shows the area where therapy is needed!

Read more of Lisa's home office dilemma after the jump.

To the right of the window, we have installed a long desk that runs the length of the wall. Above it, close to the ceiling, we've built a shelf that also runs the length of that wall. Opposite is a sleeper sofa. I hope you will excuse the disarray (the filing/printer-holding detritus is destined for Goodwill) as we continue to get situated, but here are the problems I'm hoping for help with:
1. Due to the nature of the desk (long Ikea kitchen countertop with legs; no drawers or hiding space) we need somewhere to place a printer, a fax and store our files. We can print wirelessly and therefore have the ability to hide the printers OR place them on top of a piece. I'm having a furniture conundrum -- what type of piece?

Something long that runs the wall couldn't exceed 60" in width due to the need for chair clearance at the desk, and the height from floor to window is 47".
  • I've also thought of a cabinet/hutch with doors/drawers for the wall to the right of the couch (from couch's end to window wall measures 36"; it can't move to the left much more than is pictured here, maybe a few inches), but worry that all the height over there will make the blank wall under the windows look unbalanced.
  • Lately I'm thinking that the ideal piece would be a long unit with some added height for shelving on the left that could run up the wall to the left of the window (that piece of wall is 29" wide). I was investigating an Ikea hack to do so, but haven't come up with anything satisfactory.

    2. The evil window that lends a lovely "jail cell" feel to the whole space -- any ideas for a treatment/solution? I was thinking of a rod and then curtains that double the window in height to fake a more attractive architecture, but worry that it might look ridiculous when they're open.
    Any and all suggestions would be appreciated. I'm trying to think outside the box and having difficulty!

    Thank you,

    Thanks for writing in Lisa--we love helping out readers with a design dilemma. It's a luxury to have a wireless printer but because it can live anywhere, sometimes it's harder to make a decision. If you're sitting at the desk frequently and using the printer on a daily basis, we like the idea of the printer being pretty close by (that's not to say that it can't be hidden but it would serve you well if it ends up nearby). As far as the small(ish) windows you could do a number of things. Some say accentuate the imperfection by using fabric that covers only the windows while others want to hide the imperfection. That would mean hanging your window coverings from ceiling to floor (which we think might add some oomph to your home office). Possibly something with a pattern to focus on--so you aren't focusing so much on the windows. And it would give the room a feeling of grandeur--the opposite of the "jail cell" vibe you're getting right now.

    Readers--what are your suggestions? What furniture pieces would help Lisa out with storage for files and a printer? In addition, what length and style of drapes would give this room a boost?

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