Good Questions: What Do You Do When You Can’t Part With Periodicals?

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Dear AT,
Have you seen any great solutions for magazine storage? I did see this one company sells online subscriptions of things so you can have the magazine in an electronic file and not the paper? Any ideas for those who can’t part with periodicals?
Thanks, Todd

We would like to know more about the online option, but remain skeptical about trying to hold on to periodicals, period. If you are a professional researcher and USE them we say, build lots of shelving and keep them, honor them. But if you are just a I-can’t-let-go kind of person, we would be gentle but firm: periodicals are of the moment. They hold current thoughts, that quickly become old ones. Keep your arms open to the future and let the past go. Read them right away, keep a few months on the shelf and then toss, toss, toss. Anyone else? MGR