Good Questions: What if Your Roommate Brings Home a Stray Dog...?

Good Questions: What if Your Roommate Brings Home a Stray Dog...?

Grace Shu
Jan 28, 2008

This past weekend was a bit emotional for a friend of mine who found herself in a really tight situation. The kind where it feels like there's no right answer; or maybe it's just a hard decision to make. The facts are these: My friend has always wanted a dog, but has never made the leap due to the usual circumstances: time, money, space, commitment. Ultimately, she wants to be able to provide a good home and a great life for a dog; and the current timing just isn't right. However, fate and her roommate intervened, and she came home from work to...a dog that her roommate found running in the street in the rain. No tags, no microchip; but the dog seemed to be well taken care of.

After posting on Craigslist and (and getting no leads), she and her roommate battled it out. They were both getting really attached to the dog, and they really wanted to keep the dog if they couldn't find the owners...Unfortunately, the reality was that neither one was prepared for the cost of keeping her. And as first-time dog owners (neither one grew up with a dog), being unprepared didn't seem like the smart way jump into a 15 year commitment.

They finally decided that the best thing to do is to drop the dog off at the local animal shelter with hope that the dog will be reunited with her owners, or be adopted into a great family. What would you do in this situation? Do you think they made the right decision?

PS. If you live in the SF area, this is the dog. If you have any leads, she is currently at the ACC.

Photo pictured here is of Apple Sauce, currently at the Pasadena Humane Society. If anyone in LA is looking for a blissfully awesome dog, check her out. Sorry, I had to plug.

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