Good Questions: Where Can I Live in Manhattan for Under $2,000

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

We recieved this recently and had to post it for readers. This is a classic situation and a community service if you have a good lead (Hey, what’s the matter with Queens?). MGR

Dear AT, I am moving to NYC from Missouri in two months for a new job and am freaking out because I do not have a clue where to live or who the best Broker would be to work with.

I will be living by myself, working in a large law firm as a librarian/researcher and would like to keep the rent under $2,000.00 (actually under $1500.00–but I know I am pushing it). I am coming from the Midwest where I can get a 1200 square foot apartment for $750.00.

I keep thinking I am going to have to live in Queens. However, I would really like to live in lower Manhattan. Thanks, Susan