Good Questions: Who Will Buy Men’s Clothing?

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Hello AT,

I have been recently inspired to downsize my enormous wardrobe (studio habitation will do that to you), much of which hasn’t been worn in quite some time.

Can you recommend a secondhand shop that would buy men’s clothing from mainstream labels like Banana Republic, Calvin Klein, French Connection, Club Monaco, etc?

Most of the stores I know about specialize in higher end or funky/downtown merchandise.

I would go the Ebay route but I simply don t have the time to sell all the items I have.

Thank you, Corey

Good question. We know of a number of places like Housing Works that will take clothes as a donation, but none that buy men’s.

What WE have done in the past is simply held a sale in front of our building on Bedford Street on a Saturday and Sunday. We usually sell 2/3 of everything we bring out and make a couple of hundred bucks (AND you meet all your neighbors). Anyone else got a better answer? MGR