Good Questions: Window Cleaning On The 4th Floor?

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Hello AT,

I live in a small East Village apartment that doesn’t have a lot of natural sunlight. And to make it worse, the windows that do let in some light are very dirty on the outside. Since I live on the 4th floor and the neighboring building is very close, they just don’t get cleaned very much. Any tips on how to clean them and let in some more sun?

Thanks, Matt

It all depends on what kind of windows you have. Some of the modern one can be unlatched and lowered into the room (easy to clean), while others simply have the up and down thing going on.

First of all the best way to clean windows we know of is with a good grease cutting cleaner in hot water and crumpled newspaper.

There is grease in the air which you need to cut through and the newspaper both wipes and scrapes at the same time (vinegar and water work well too).

As for getting out there, do the outside window with both down first and then concentrate on the top on – half window at a time. Depending on how safe you feel, a squeegee is a great option for reaching hard places, and then there are these WINDOW MAGNETS. MGR