Good Questions: Installing an Indoor Swing

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Santiago’s mum asks: Here’s a question that I am totally stumped with.

We’d like to get a swing like the colourful felt swings by designer Johannes Mohr. The thing is, we have no exposed beams or rafters, and no spaces under steps. Where is the best place to hang one, and how?

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We asked our favourite contractor about this, and he told us that the easiest solution would be to call a general contractor to do the installation! But he also said that most ceilings have load bearing beams in them, even if they are not exposed, and that if you want to DIY the easiest solution would be to locate one of those beams, and then screw in the mounting hardware through the plaster ceiling into the beam of your choice.

We wonder if a door-mounted bar might be an easier solution for hanging this swinghãQ©ÐFÉ+²L ³O4ñœ$orts up to 100lbs of weight, but we have never seen one in action.

AT readers, what do you think is the best solution to this question?