Good Quote: from Isaac Mizrahi

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

“I’m all about exuberance. We only have one short life to live, and we shouldn’t waste it being tasteful.” – Fashion Designer Isaac Mizrahi

Yes, there are much, much worse things in life, but I’m currently passing through my periodic style crisis. I am SO sick of the vibrant colors in my apartment. And my eclectic style is getting on my last nerve. This happens every few months or so…

Then it passes. Mizrahi’s quote grounds me, reminding me to embrace my spirited apartment once again. In fact I think instead of eclectic I’m going to start calling my style exuberant.

The photo above is from my exuberant living room, which you may have seen in my Apartment Therapy house tours. I used it for this post because there were many of who objected to the extreme number of pillows. Though you gentle AT readers held your tongues to a degree, some of you may have even quietly called the number of pillows tasteless. Here’s where I bring you back to Isaac. Most of the time (when I’m not in the midst of the aforementioned style crisis) the vibrant pillows and their sheer quantity make me smile. They bring exuberance to my life, tasteful in quantity or not.

When I work with my clients, I encourage them to find their personal interior exuberance. It sure doesn’t need to look like mine. (In fact, I caution people against using the amount of color I do, because of the potential overdose that strikes every few months.) But I do believe passionately in the idea of decorating and organizing for you and only you, not what’s considered in fashion or tasteful. Sometimes a client and I come up with an odd solution to a design or organizing quandary but it’s so functional or pleasing to the client that it really doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks of it. So listen to your inner interior exuberance and be patient with it when you’re not in the mood for it. Just like any good relationship.

Kyle Freeman, Interior ReDesigner and Professional Organizer

(Image: Kyle Freeman)