Good Quotes: Anu Garg,

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“Oniomania is another word for the urge to shop till you drop, habit of the debit, thrill of the bill. According to a pearl of ancient wisdom, we don’t acquire things, things acquire us. In the case of oniomaniacs, it is perhaps the fun of acquiring things that acquires them.”

Oniomania (O-nee-uh-MAY-nee-uh, -MAYN-yuh) noun

Compulsive shopping; excessive, uncontrollable desire to buy things.

[From Latin, from Greek xnios (for sale), from onos (price) + -mania.]

“Like other compulsive disorders, scientists are working on a cure for
oniomania. And according to a report in HealthScout, it could be just
around the corner. At Stanford University, researchers are testing a
drug to treat a shopaholic’s desire to spend.”
-Phenomena; Ottawa Citizen (Canada); Nov 25, 2000.

-Anu Garg,

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