Good Quotes: Combatting Clutteritis

Good Quotes: Combatting Clutteritis

Gregory Han
Jan 24, 2008

"You're home is a garbage processing center where new things are purchased and slowly demoted through various stages of trashification until you're done.

Starts out: you bring it home. Put it on the kitchen table. You read the instructions, you tell everyone in the house about it. And then some time goes by and you realize you're not going to be so keen on drying out fruit and storing it in your basement (as you thought you were going to be.) So therefore the object is demoted to the closet where it lands on the floor. You start stepping on it to reach newer things that are just beginning on their journey to junk." -Jerry Seinfeld

How true, how true. I don't know how many homes I've visited and observed a garage or closet stashed with "things" obviously purchased on a whim or with great hopes, only to be relegated to the "one day I'll use it" status.

The only thing in our home like that is our window air conditioner that is seasonally stored away and our luggage. Otherwise, everything we own is used frequently, otherwise they're donated, recycled or throw out (well, except some financial papers we still need to sort and shred). Ever since adopting this stricter purchasing conditions, we've had a less clutterede home and thus, a happier one. It's not as hard as it sounds. Start with that one easy throwaway or donation. We promise, it becomes easier and easier when you start seeing space in our closet. Give it a try!

[quote via OrganizingLA]

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