Good Quotes: From Street Artist Banksy

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Some might scoff at heeding the advice of a graffiti artist, although he was nominated for an Oscar earlier this week! Whether you agree with his methods or not, this quote from the mysterious man is quite relevant when applied to the design of our own homes.

We always want our spaces to be top notch, but most often our best solutions to our design debacles come on a whim. That isn’t to say it doesn’t take work, just a mere reminder as we start out this new year to keep your stress level down and see where your impulses take you.
Forced design ends up looking like showrooms (not the fun kind) that no one really lives in; so listen to your gut reactions, even when it seems scary and see where it takes you!

Links to get your creative juices flowing:

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    Photo via Banksy’s website, another great inspirational place!

    Edited from 1.5.2009 SRT

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