Good Quotes: The Wise Woodrow Wilson Once Said...

Good Quotes: The Wise Woodrow Wilson Once Said...

Sarah Rae Smith
Aug 8, 2008
We are not here merely to make a living. We are here to enrich the world.

-Woodrow Wilson

Click through for more thoughts on how this idea can influence not only our everyday lives, but also our living spaces.

Here at Apartment Therapy we lead busy lives. We are moms, designers, freelancers, writers, dads, chefs, husbands, wives, teachers and more....
Often times when life gets hectic, we tend to tune people out. We assume that just because we are running 100mph, that we come into contact and interact enough with others. When the truth of the matter is... we don't. We give a simple, thanks, or hi before ordering our morning coffee. But we rarely take time to schedule ourselves a chance to give back.
When we are pedal to the metal we don't think about things such as, teaching an after school program at the local Elementary or mowing our neighbors yard when we can't even find time to mow our own.

As the long days of summer are still in the sky, take time to put more of yourself out in the world for it is truly our own personal differences that make life all that it has to offer. If major designers or architects never had time, where would our culture be today? Would the really fantastic rug on your floor even be in existence?

Everyone has something to give... don't forget to take the time to do so.

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