Good Reading: Sunset’s One Block Diet Blog Sunset

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One of our very favorite blog reads lately has been Sunset’s One Block Diet. The premise is simple: the magazine is based in Northern California, where “locavorism” is just a way of life. But the editorial team realized that they knew very little about growing and harvesting their own food, outside of some small gardening experience. So they decided to take the block around their office, and devote it to growing food. Now they have a beekeeper, some chickens, and a big garden, and they’ve tried out everything from making vinegar to beer to their own sea salt!

The blog reads very personally, with several different staff members chipping in on different projects. They even cook and have big meals together.

I wish I had the space for bees and chickens too, but until then I can live vicariously through this blog. And if you are ready for one of these big projects (gardening, bees, chickens, making vinegar, wine, oil, salt, and much more) you can check out one of their very helpful guides. They’ve been compiling really practical information and how-to guides for all their major activities.

Read it! Our One Block Diet – Feasts for every season, at Sunset.

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