Good Suggestions for a Lighted Dog Collar?

Good Suggestions for a Lighted Dog Collar?

Amber Byfield
Sep 10, 2008

9_10_08_blackdognose.jpgOur dog is black from the tip of her nose to the tip of her tail. If she's not wearing her collar, she might as well be invisible when the lights are off. And now that it's staying darker in the mornings, our early jogs with Fin are feeling a little too dangerous—so we're looking for a green way to light her up, for her safety and our own. We've also got a camping trip planned this weekend, so we want to make sure we can keep tabs on our pup out in the woods.

Jump below and help us pick out the best option to make her stand out in the dark.

There are a lot of products out there, from glow sticks to flashing tags to flashing siren collars.

We're not big fans of the glow stick-style collars, because there are chemicals inside that are potentially dangerous if Fin bites into them. (Or would just make a mess. We'd like to steer clear of anything with chemicals.)

Also, since she's already got a comfortable, durable, and eco-conscious hemp collar from Earth Dog, we don't want to add a second collar to the mix—and we don't want to have to swap out collars at night and in the morning (call us lazy...).

So we're thinking the best option is an LED collar attachment with an on/off switch. It's not like they've ever made incandescent dog collars, but LEDs are long-lasting and the battery is replaceable. It'll light up on its own, without having to reflect available light, and we can just attach it to her existing collar instead of swapping them out. There are some different kinds available: some are like little collar tags that clip on, but others like this one attach to the collar.

Any other suggestions?

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