Goodbye to a Style Icon: Elizabeth Taylor

Elizabeth Taylor passed away today, surrounded by her children, in Los Angeles. An enduring style icon, her beauty was legendary, her acting accomplished and the stories of her lifestyle made her offscreen world seem just as dramatic as what played out in her films. All of this added up to her well-deserved status as the ultimate movie star.

Elizabeth’s image was already synonymous with Hollywood in her heyday. Her face was turned into an immediately recognizable visual icon when Warhol produced artwork with her now classic portrait as the subject matter. And interest has not waned – one of Warhol’s pieces featuring her likeness, the 1962 “Men in Her Life” black and white painting sold at auction last year for $63 million, an unexpectedly high price point due to the demand.

To celebrate her life and honor her memory, here are a few shots of rooms which prominently display her portrait – it couldn’t have been easy to have your image typify an industry but she wore the responsibility well.

Cheers, Elizabeth!

Shown above:
1. Andy Warhol, 1964
2. An interpretation of the classic Warhol portrait by Deborah Kass via Hamptons Cottages & Gardens
3. A Todd Romano room via Luxury Interior Design
4. Tommy Hilfiger’s apartment in NYC’s Plaza via Harper’s Bazaar
5. Black and white photo in a vintage modern style bedroom via Elle Decor