Google Art: This is Every Baseball Diamond in Manhattan

Google Art: This is Every Baseball Diamond in Manhattan

Taryn Williford
Aug 16, 2011

Want to know how many basketball courts there are in Manhattan? One hundred and fifty-six. That's how many courts made it into Jenny Odell's collage "Every Basketball Court in Manhattan." The digital print, part of her Satellite Collections along with the baseball diamond print above and several other pieces, is assembled using cut-outs gathered from Google Maps' satellite view.

You might think that navigation directions is all Google Maps is good for. Well, you thought wrong. The whole time you were trying to find your car in the driveway in satellite view, Jenny Odell was creating digital collages.

Her prints group together similar structures from overhead Google satellite images to create a cohesive composite. The goal is to get a different perspective on humanity.

From Odell's website:

The view from a satellite is not a human one, nor is it one we were ever really meant to see. But it is precisely from this inhuman point of view that we are able to read our own humanity, in all of its tiny, reliably repetitive marks upon the face of the earth. From this view, the lines that make up basketball courts and the scattered blue rectangles of swimming pools become like hieroglyphs that read: people were here.

Independent from the statement, we think Odell's collages are pretty cool. If you're looking to adorn your walls with artsy prints with a techie twist, some of the pieces are available for sale by affordable art retailer 20x200.

    TOP ROW:
  1. Every Baseball Diamond in Manhattan
  2. 125 Swimming Pools
  3. Every Basketball Court in Manhattan
  4. 104 Airplanes
  5. 97 Nuclear Cooling Towers

  7. 144 Empty Parking Lots
  8. 195 Yachts, Barges, Cargo Lines, Tankers and Other Ships
  9. 120 Stadiums
  10. 10 Waterslide Configurations
  11. 39 Landfills

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