Google Chrome Netbooks Won't Have Caps Lock Keys

Google Chrome Netbooks Won't Have Caps Lock Keys

Taryn Williford
Dec 8, 2010

Tuesday, Google announced they're finally releasing their own netbooks in 2011, complete with an operating system based on Google's Chrome browser. The news means that Google is one step closer to world domination—and their first war is on the caps lock key. You see, these netbooks won't have one. The reason? To "improve the quality of comments across the web."

In what we can imagine is same way Steve Jobs' hatred for Flash dictates the design of our iTech, somebody at Google has decided that they're sick of all-caps comments on their baby panda YouTube videos and made the choice to ban the caps lock key from the new Chrome netbooks.

Sure, we here at Unplggd are not big fans of spotting remarks like "OMGZ DAT WUZ A CRA-Z PANDA BURR!!!1! LULZ!11!" all over the web. But we're also not really fans of the Silicon Valley big-wigs telling us what we can and can't use on our personal devices. Would it be so bad to let us surf Flash websites on the iPad, Mr. Jobs?

The truth is that there's plenty of smart, constructive-web-commenting people out there who use caps lock in completely legitimate ways, making Google look a bit out of touch—a first for this tech-forward brand.

Some architects, engineers and designers work exclusively in caps for their trades. So by launching a device without a caps lock, they're alienating comment spammers and caps-lock-tradesman from their potential buyers pool.

What do you think, readers? Are you down with a caps-lock-free netbook? Tell us in the comments!

(Top Image: Flickr member gillyberlin licensed for use under Creative Commons)

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