Google Desktop Search is Good Shit

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Search this. Since the NY Times and Kottke gave Google Desktop Search the thumbs up, we checked it out and have to tell you to just download this. It’s a no brainer.

Looking for something in your email files? Looking for a document on your hard drive? Looking for a phone number? If you use Windows you know how mindnumbingly slow the search feature is.

In what is yet another stunning display of Window’s gargantuan inefficiency, Google’s desktop search downloads instantly (it is a very small program – smart, huh?), and indexes everything on your hard drive in the background. So when you go to look for something, Google has already found it and just pops it up to you. Instantly.

We have been using it numerous times a day to find things on our computer. As far as tech organization goes, this is a great, new addition. Oh, and it’s free. MGR