Google Phone Will Let You Fully Use Google Voice

Google Phone Will Let You Fully Use Google Voice

Range Govindan
Nov 19, 2009

Right now, the iPhone is the cell phone to beat. Apple just made a great product and people have been flocking to it. What could dethrone the iPhone? How about a new Google Phone! TechCrunch reports on some juicy details, including a full Google Voice functionality.

Don't get us wrong, we love our iPhones, but it's kind of peculiar how the cell phone industry hasn't been able to come up with a viable competitor. That all might change if Google releases their own mobile phone. These rumors have been around before, but let's be honest, whatever Google does, it does it well. The sources mention that the device will be made by someone else but made to Google's specs.

The main reason why we are so exited about this is because this phone will offer a full Google Voice functionality, meaning that it could easily replace your landline, since when you are at home, it would use your home network to take calls via VOIP. Think about it: how much time do you really spend out of a WiFi network? Odds are that you spend most of your time inside of one. This means cheap calls for VOIP enabled handsets. If you aren't using VOIP, you should since calls made with a VOIP system are extremely cheap, even when you call landlines or cell phones. That would be a great way to do away with landlines altogether, since with VOIP and a good handset, there's no reason to keep one anymore. With most phones still tied to a cellular network, it would be really cool to have a cell phone that would use wireless networks well to make calls using VOIP. This is just the thing that a lot of us are waiting for to do away with our landline. That being said, you could also do away with your cell phone like Unplggd's editor Gregory Han.

The rumors point to an early 2010 release, around January, so we'll know for certain pretty soon. What's really interesting is that Google is in charge of all of the details, meaning that this phone will run Android the way it should. What do you think? Would you buy a Google Phone? Would you like a VOIP cell phone that would take over for your landline?

[TechCrunch via Gizmodo, images by T3 and Godorpod]

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