Google Shared the Most Searched TV Show and Movie Homes—And This Popular Disney Movie Takes the Prize

updated Jul 19, 2020
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A television and TV stand in front of a white wall adorned with artwork and intricate molding

If you’re a big TV watcher like me, you might find yourself dreaming of living in the homes of your favorite shows or movies—especially now that getaway options are limited. But have you also wondered if the rest of the world shares a love for your favorite pop culture abode? Thanks to Google, your question has been answered. 

Home rental company Independent Cottages collected data from Google to find out which TV homes were the most searched over the last 12 months. The site states that many homes that made the list have served as inspiration for interior designs. And while that may be true, it’s fair to say that escapism has something to do with the most popular TV home on the list: Disney’s “Up.” 

Credit: ©Walt Disney Co. Everett Collection

“The colourful house is a place many of the movie’s fans would love to live, and the popularity of the house has even led to an exact replica of the house being built in Utah which is available to visit,” the company wrote in the blog post. And there’s no doubt that the house has charm, with it’s Victorian-styled architecture and yellow pastel-colored exterior. 

Inside reflects a similar, old-fashioned charm: old photographs, antiques, wooden finishes, and much more. While this isn’t recorded in the report, nostalgia is so desirable these days that it could be a contributing factor to its massive popularity—17,000 average searches per month, to be exact. 

Credit: Independent Cottages

Second place went to the “Home Alone” house with 15,000 searches on a monthly basis. While the holiday months are included in this average, the “Home Alone” movies are available to watch on streaming services like Disney+ all year round. “Kevin’s house of tricks is every kid’s perfect playhouse and while the picture perfect grand Chicago house is every adult’s Christmas dream home,” Independent Cottages wrote. 

Other TV homes that made the top twenty include “Friends,” “The Brady Bunch,” and “The Golden Girls.” Read the full list here and get ready for the urge to Google.