A Desk That Looks Like Google's Search Box Window

A Desk That Looks Like Google's Search Box Window

Range Govindan
Jun 23, 2011

You've probably lost count the amount of times that you've used Google in the last few days. That being said, you'd agree that Google has become ubiquitous with searches. It's only fitting that the brand started infiltrating design. And while the Belgian designer behind this desk says that it was inspired by goggles, the protective eyewear, not Google the search engine, we still think that there are quite a few striking similarities between the two. Needless to say, the desks is quite elegant...

This desk was created by the Belgian (lives in Belgium, half Australian and Dutch) Designer Danny Venlet. His Goggle Desk has the same shape as the Google search box in your OS X browser. Firefox and Safari use this rounded shape, which has become synonymous with OS X and Mac computers.

Venlet designed this desk for the Italian furniture company Babini Office and says the desk was inspired by the shape of protective goggles, not Google. Whatever he tapped for inspiration, that doesn't stop this workstation desk from being pleasantly unique and sculptural. The matching drawers work well, since they are an extrapolation of what the desk would look like if it were filled in. This desk is the perfect basis for a workstation, whether you're working from your office or your home.

We love desks designed with tech already in mind. These type of tech-oriented desks make it easier to incorporate workstations, with integrated and hidden storage drawers, roll-out drawers, and cable management. Each of the desks below exhibit something unique about them, compatible for a digital workflow, all done in decor-friendly style that sets them apart from the typical home office desk:

1. Ernest Igl's Jet Desk: This is one of the most distinctive and tech-inspired desks that we've come across. It was designed by Ernest Igl in the 1970s and it's back in production.

2. Herman Miller Airia: This has to be the tech-desk par excellence, since it comes with integrated cable management, and looks gorgeous from many different angles. The only reason we don't have it in our home office is the $2,200 price tag.

3. The Darth Vader Desk: This is the Mungle Office desk designed by Dimitrios Tsigos. It definitely looks like it was inspired by the Death Star from Star Wars, or something like that, due to the geometric shapes that are showcased underneath the glass tabletop.

4. Signalement's Tank Collection Height-Adjustable Desk: This white desk is minimal, yet it has three almost hidden drawers that will allow you to stash electronics and papers. Some of your pens might roll off it, but it still looks incredible. Signalement's desk isn't available in any other colors.

5. Desks with Concealed Storage: These desks will make perfect laptop workstations, since you can easily stash many things away in their hidden compartments. On top of that, they look stunning.

Felt Writing Desk
IKEA Jonas Workstations
Thin Storage Desk

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