Google+ Tips, Tricks, and More

Google+ Tips, Tricks, and More

Jesse Leikin
Jul 5, 2011

Whether you follow the tech industry closely or not, you have likely heard about Google's new social network, Google+. Well, if you have been lucky enough to get an invite then here are a few tips and tricks that you will surely want to know about.

Vanity URL: One of the best features that facebook rolled out over the past couple of years was the custom URLs. While this will most likely be added to Google+ in the future, at present it is difficult to share your profile without using the long unattractive URL. However, with this all you need to do is enter a nickname and Google+ ID and a custom, memorable web address is created for you.

Formatted Text: Despite the fact that there are no formatting buttons available for making posts to Google+, there are still some minor formatting options. These options include bold, italics, and strikethrough. They can be accessed by typing *text* for bold, _text_ for italics, and -text- for strikethrough. Obviously don't forget to replace the word "text" with whatever it is that you want to add formatting to.

Import Facebook Contacts: One of the biggest advantages of Facebook is that you already have an established social network there. The Facebook Friend Exporter Chrome extension is a great solution to this problem. This extension takes all of your friends on Facebook and copies the information that they share with you - including email addresses - to your Google Contacts. This will make importing to Google+ a cinch. Unfortunately as of this morning, Facebook has blocked this extension, but the developer has said he is working on a solution to the block. If this interest you, be sure to keep any eye out for this extension to start working again very soon.

(Images from manfrys on Flickr and Simon Laustsen on Google+)

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