Goop’s 2019 Gift Guide Ranges from $6 to $1.3M, and Includes Everything from Toilet Paper to a Trip to the Moon

published Nov 15, 2019
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O Come, All Ye Faithful disciples of Gwyneth, and behold the 2019 Goop Holiday Gift Guide! As you’d expect, the GP-approved collection is filled with magical treasures, ranging from organic rolling papers to an actual journey to outer space. Here’s some of our favorite pieces from this year’s collection of gifts:

Credit: Courtesy of Goop

Not everything in Gwyneth’s collection will break the bank. However, a few may make you scratch your head. In her Under $100 Gift Guide, you’ll find several wallet-friendly options, like the Suck It Straws Reusable Set of 4 Straws, a rose gold collection of beverage helpers that’ll have you ditching plastic straws in no time. They even come with a cute little sack to tote them around, so you can pull one out at Starbucks to let all the other customers know how much better you are than them at saving the turtles.

Why spend a few bucks on Zig-Zags at the gas station when you can have a Barbie’s Powder Room Rolling Paper Set? The $28 pack of 24 organic, unbleached rolling papers may come in handy if you want to give new meaning to the Christmas carol  “Ding Dong Merrily On High.”

Credit: Courtesy of Goop

Another bargain-friendly item on the list is Schmidt’s Ylang Ylang and Calendula Deodorant, a vegan and cruelty-free deodorant that retails for $10. Because what friend doesn’t want to receive deodorant? The cheapest item, however, is a $6 tin of sea salt.

Also on tap is the Mai Couture Bamboo Charcoal Blotting Papers, for when your inner glow gets a little too lit on the outside. Hypoallergenic and biodegradable, Goop calls them “the best blotting papers on earth.” No word if we’ll find them in Gwyneth’s compost pile, next to her organic lemon rinds, but we’re not above looking. 

Credit: Courtesy of Goop

Another bargain-friendly options on Paltrow’s list is Cocofloss, a 32-yard spool of vegan mint-flavored dental floss, which retails for $9. Designed by a Silicon Valley dentist, the thick floss is coated in coconut oil. Also coming in at $9 is the Welly Human Repair Kit, which is really just a fancy way of saying an extremely stylish first aid kit. It’s filled with flex fabric band-aids, hand sanitizers, and ointments.

Credit: Courtesy of Goop

Some other interesting picks on Gwyneth’s collections? No. 2 Toilet Paper, a 24-pack of sustainable toilet paper made of bamboo with stylish, floral packaging. At $34, it’s more expensive than the average roll you steal from your office supply closet, but we’re guessing it doesn’t feel like sandpaper on your tush, which is definitely a plus.

Another option is the Elvie Trainer, a device to help “work out your pelvic floor.” Using a bluetooth, the pod links to an app that tracks your progress as you play 5 minutes worth of games that challenge your pelvic floor muscles. At $199, it’s definitely pricier than kegels, but so much more interesting than reading work email.

Credit: Taschen

Naturally, there are several items on the list that’ll blow your mind, as well as your bank account. In the “Ridiculous but Awesome Gift Guide,” you’ll find presents that take extravagance to a whole new level. Take, for example, the Taschen Lunar Rock Edition of Normal Mailer’s MoonFire. Each book comes in a case inspired by the Apollo 11 Lunar Excursion Module, and comes with a unique piece of lunar meteorite. The price? Just a cool $275,000.

Credit: Virgin Galactic

Of course, if you’re all that crazy about space travel, maybe you’ll be willing to drop $250,000 for a chance to head to a galaxy far, far away with Virgin Galactic! Yes, really. For $250K, you too can be an astronaut this holiday season. 

One of the priciest items on the list is the $1.3 million Journey to Nature’s Edge Exhibition by Monument Adventure. (And that’s just the starting price!) The adventure includes 12 months of trips focused on endangered species. And clearly, Paltrow has given the thumbs up on this item, because she’s featured on the company’s website saying “This trip was special beyond words, the most memorable adventure of our lives!” Oh, to join a Paltrow family vacation.

Credit: Artsy

Other items on this list include a set of 5 Yayoi Kusuma Pumpkins, labeled “price upon request,” which can easily be translated to “you can’t afford it,” and a private jet from Bali to Luang Prabang, for a sixteen-day tour around six different Aman properties. At the price of $69,888 per guest, we’re guessing you’d prefer to spend that dough wiping out your student loans, but there’s nothing wrong with dreaming.