The Lounge-Tek Laptop Desk Keeps It Compact & Efficient

The Lounge-Tek Laptop Desk Keeps It Compact & Efficient

Range Govindan
Jul 7, 2011

If you go for the first laptop desk you find, you'll probably end up with something small,fragile, and that won't stand up to much abuse. Take a look at this amazing laptop desk, from the Italian company Lounge-Tek. We mentioned their Lounge-Book laptop desk/stand last year, but their new wooden update looks even more efficient.

The original Lounge-Book looked interesting enough, but we really like this new version. It looks more convenient, with its extra extensions, allowing you to store tablets, smartphones, and other small peripherals. The Lounge-Wood is well suited to transform any lounge chair into a mini-workstation. It can also be used in a bed, which is quite useful.

It's hard to find any laptop desk that's as beautiful as this one. There's a small shelf for your mouse or Magic Trackpad, if you need one, as well as another one, which is lower-positioned, making it perfect for your iPad or iPhone. The overall look is quite minimal, so it will fit in nicely in a variety of different decors. It comes available in four different colors: natural, hot (the reddish color), classic, and black.

The Lounge-Wood is made by the Italian company Lounge-Tek and it sells for $378 to $454. The more expensive price is for the "sail" version, which includes the extra shelf. The Lounge-Book sells for a more modest $139. The Lounge-Wood looks nicer, but it costs a lot more. From what we can see, the Lounge-Wood looks more thought-out, and less like something that would be quickly discarded, because of the way that it was designed. However, functionally speaking, the Lounge-Wood and Lounge-Book are almost identical. They function the same way and use the same sort of pad to support the laptop. The other thing is that the Lounge-Wood is actually an eco-friendly product, which could make it relevant for people with enough money to spend on something like. Ultimately, it comes down to the taste of the consumer. There are nice lounge chairs that come with a sort of pedestal for laptops which cost almost the same as the Lounge-Wood.

If you don't like the look or the price of the Lounge-Wood laptop desk, then you can check out the Mox Storch. There are other laptop desks that won't cost as much and will still look good. Depending on what you need, there are probably cheaper alternatives, but we have trouble finding anything that structurally impressive as the Lounge-Wood, which why it probably fetches a premium price.

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