Grass Patch: A Clock that Runs on Mud

Grass Patch: A Clock that Runs on Mud

Range Govindan
Feb 12, 2009

We've always heard of eco-friendly gadgets, but none would be more eco-friendly than a clock that runs on mud. Clocks are important. Most of us need them daily to tell time and to wake us up. Even though people are starting to use their cell phones for this function, clocks are still necessary. Plus, if you're stuck in the middle of a city, having a bit of mud and grass in your pad might be a good idea. There's nothing greener!

This is a clock that's called Timeless Garden and it was designed by Francesco Castiglione Morelli and Tommaso Ceschi. It combines the idea of a houseplant with that of a clock. It's a fashionably nice item that will look good in your place. The secret to this clock is that it uses the chemistry inherent between mud and metal to create electricity. The clock sustains itself, without needing anything extra. The frame is a sort of hitch between two recycled bodies made out of plastic.

An indoor plant which includes a self-sustaining digital clock. Now that's novel. I wouldn't mind having one of those in my bedroom. There's only one point of contention. How will the clock react to poor maintenance? If you over water the plant or under water it, will the clock just stop functioning? [via Yanko Design]

The Water Powered Clock

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