GrayPants: Scrap Lights

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

They call themselves “young talented Seattle dumpster-diving designers” and their Scrap lights were the most aesthetically impactful design we saw at the entire show that used low impact materials.

More info and pics below…

The inventor/designers here are Seth and Jonathan and they are really architects who met at Kent State U. in Cleveland over eight years ago. They’ve designed three lights, HIVE, BELL and DISC, which start at $229. Not cheap! But beautifully made. 🙂

“scrap light shades are made entirely from repurposed cardboard boxes. all of our lampshades are handmade and therefore vary slightly in shape + size. disc-shaped shades (pictured first below) may range in diameter from 14-17″, and irregular-shaped shades (pictured second) from 9-12″. bell shades are our largest and top in at 18″ in height and 15-16″ in diameter.”

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