Modular Accordion Kitchen Countertop By Olga Kalugina

Modular Accordion Kitchen Countertop By Olga Kalugina

Range Govindan
Mar 2, 2010

The one thing that's important in any kitchen is the ability to find stuff quickly. There's nothing more frustrating than rummaging around those cupboards in order to find something that was misplaced or lost. Technology has come to the rescue with a modular kitchen concept by Olga Kalugina.

This is an interesting take from Olga Kalugina, the creator of the FlowerEYE flowerpot, on what a fully functional countertop should be over at Yanko Design. Although this isn't needed in kitchens that have a lot of countertop space, it's really interesting to have in smaller kitchens, where space is at a premium.

We also like all of the technology that's inside these Accordion Folding Kitchen Table. It's sort of a transformer table, morphing from a simple table into the ultimate countertop. There are multiple ways of using it as well. Neat little triangular drawers can pop out of the sides of the table when needed. The drawer covers can be used as cutting boards. There's a lot of transparent plastic to let you see what's hidden away in the boxes. There are many variations possible, depending on the amount of space that you have.

While the design is good, it's definitely not a complete replacement for traditional countertops, unless you've though of some great shelving. We think that it could definitely work well though, especially if you hang your pots and pans up. Some spartan shelving and you'd be ready to go.

[via Yanko Design, images by Olga Kalugina]

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