Great Examples of Home Offices For Two

updated Jul 16, 2020
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When you work from home, it’s imperative to have the solutions you need to get a job done: your tools, tech, and supplies at the ready; the right amount of space to successfully complete a given task; comfortable, supportive seating (something we know a thing or two about); and a touch of personality to make long days (or nights) in the space worth it.

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When two people share the same home office, however, that’s when things can get complicated. In a recent tour of a George Nelson-inspired home, a home office was designed to easily accommodate a husband-and-wife team in Austin. Here are few more smart ways we’ve seen couples, partners, and friends tackle the same issue.

Online art gallery owner Sonja Teri’s Los Angeles apartment uses light-blue Eames Molded Plastic Side Chairs with Wire Bases on opposite sides and ends of a long desk-not too close, but not too far apart.

Freelance writer Alissa Walker and illustrator, graphic designer, and art director Keith Scharwath share a space but not a desk, giving both room to spread out, but still stay in close contact.

More side-by-side desk spaces, this time from artist Carrie Strine and graphic designer and illustrator Tim Lahan in New York City. (We’re wondering, though, why is the right Mac eight minutes behind the left?)

Two Aeron Chairs, face to face at the Soren Rose Studio, separated only by computers screens and the real estate of a shared square desk. Brilliant-or brave?

Creative duo, Jocelyn and Jason, work side by side in their live-work Chicago loft, a space which plays double duty for their design business Bright Bright Great.

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By Amy Feezor