Reader Intelligence Request: Great Gifts for New Moms?

Reader Intelligence Request: Great Gifts for New Moms?

Dabney Frake
Mar 1, 2013

Apartment Therapy's lovely and talented Family Editor, Carrie McBride, is off on maternity leave right now. This got us thinking about perfect gifts for new moms. I asked a bunch of friends what they would appreciate after just giving birth. There were lots of good suggestions, but one thing is clear: the time for onesies and diaper bags has passed. Gifts that make life easier and more comfortable at home are the way to go. 

1. Food: This was a clear winner. Many said how glorious it was to have pre-made food dropped of by friends. If you're not in the area, a gift card (to use while the baby is still small, sleeping a lot, and can be easily toted around) is good too. If your friend deserves a splurge, contact a meal delivery service. Packages are likely pricey, but you'll have a friend for life. 

2. Non-Maternity Clothing: After months of belly-friendly garb, how great is it to receive the gift of normal clothes? This one is easy; just pick up a gift card, and let the mom choose something brand new, even if it's just yoga pants.

3. Housecleaning: This is particularly great after 2-4 weeks, when moms are still moving slowly, but alert enough to notice all the dust piling up. 

4. Great Products: Cracked nipples and hemorrhoids are real things, people. Send products that naturally soothe sore skin, like an herbal sitz bath.

5. Spa Services: Sleep deprivation and spit up would make anyone feel frumpy. A trip to the hair salon, a pedicure, or a complimentary massage is just the ticket. Find a masseuse who does house calls, and you get a gold star for gift giving. At the very least, offer to watch the baby for an hour while she takes a shower or a nap.

So, all the rest of you moms out there, what gifts would you appreciate? What did you receive that you really loved and used?

(Images: 1. Food; 2. Clothing; 3. Cleaning; 4. Products; 5. Spa) 

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