Great Idea: Creative Storage for Teeny Trinkets

Great Idea: Creative Storage for Teeny Trinkets

Tammy Everts
Jun 7, 2010

If you've ever tried to create a safe, babyproof haven in a sea of Playmobil figures, doll accessories, game pieces, and the random flotsam of life with older kids, then take note of Ohdeedoh reader Camille's fantastic solution: a two-dollar curio cabinet from Goodwill. Even more noteworthy than this great score: how she managed to get her four-and-a-half-year-old daughter Delaney to embrace the concept.

Initially, Camille says that Delaney was keen on the idea of keeping their home safe for baby brother Liam, but got a bit panicky about her tiny treasures being binned up and put away. That's when Camille was inspired to hunt down this great little curio cabinet. The rest was easy.

Camille writes on her blog, The Mother Lode:

At the next nap time opportunity, she and I hung the curio cabinet in the family room where she could get to it with a stool, and I brought down the bin of small toys and told her she could pick her favorites and arrange them in her own little curio cabinet, where she could see them all the time but they'd be safe from Liam's reach. It worked like a charm! She spent a good part of an hour deciding which treasures, and arranging them. just. so. Instead of fighting over which toys have to be put up now, she's eagerly finding them herself and calling the shots on which ones go in the bin and which ones are too special and should be on display.

A future gallery curator in the making, perhaps?

Camille's curio cabinet score is a great find. We can also see this idea working really well with an old typesetter's case, or even an old dresser drawer with some slats of wood added to subdivide it into compartments.

Thanks for sharing, Camille!

(Images: Camille Wilson)

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