The Trendy Cookware Brand We Love Just Launched Their First-Ever Black Friday Sale

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You might have noticed that we keep referring to Great Jones as a cult-favorite cookware brand, and for good reason. The high-quality pieces are a favorite with several Kitchn editors for their thoughtful design that’s both functional and simply adorable. And just when we thought we couldn’t rave about the brand any more, they went ahead and put everything on sale for Black Friday! Yes, through Nov. 30, Great Jones is hosting their first-ever sitewide Black Friday event with the rare opportunity to score 20 percent off all orders over $100! That means you can finally scoop up their iconic Dutch oven (all hail The Dutchess!), Lifestyle Director Lisa’s favorite sheet pan, or even their newly launched bakeware for a steal. Below, we rounded up pieces we’ve tested for ourselves (and absolutely love!), and you can shop the full sale here.

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Great Jones

All hail the Dutchess! With so many Dutch ovens on the market, Great Jones had to one-up the enameled competition with a 6.75-quart beauty with a curved bottom that prevents food from getting stuck. We've already mentioned that we love roomy handles and here they are again, making that trip out of the oven way less treacherous.

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Great Jones

The ultimate Kitchn Essential and Lisa's current favorite piece of cookware, this half-size sheet pan can tackle a variety of kitchen projects — veggies, cookies, you name it. The custom nonstick ceramic coating means those pie bars will slide out with ease, and the reinforced aluminized steel base won't warp, no matter how many times you pop it in the oven.

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Great Jones

"They’ve become my de facto weekday cookware," admitted Kitchn writer Rochelle Bilow after testing the ceramic fry pans. The versatile small fry pan has a nonstick, scratch-resistant, Teflon-free surface that can whip up scrambled eggs or sear a fish fillet with very little oil, making it the ultimate go-to for everyday cooking.

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Great Jones

For Lifestyle Director Lisa to proclaim the Hot Dish to be "ridiculously amazing," you know it's worth checking out. The four-quart capacity with deep three-inch sides can cook that big batch of ziti evenly throughout, but the wide, ovenmitt-friendly handles are what ultimately sold her. It also doubles as a roasting pan, making it even more amazing.

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Great Jones
was $615.00

Maybe it's finally time to commit — to your kitchen, that is. The Family Style set comes complete with the lovely Dutchess and Small Fry mentioned above as well as the stainless steel set, which includes the Deep Cut saute pan, Saucy saucier, and the Big Deal stockpot. Save some money and space with this collection, which nests together for storage and shares lids to make it more compact.