Great Moments In Packing: The Thermal/Purse/Toilet Paper Combo

Great Moments In Packing: The Thermal/Purse/Toilet Paper Combo

Tess Wilson
Aug 22, 2014
(Image credit: Tess Wilson)

Yes, you're seeing that correctly: it's a vintage Pyrex bowl wrapped in a long underwear shirt, nestled in another bowl, wrapped in a wool purse, filled with tiny ceramic deer individually wrapped in toilet paper. Hire me for your next cross-country move!

I moved from San Francisco to Illinois over a year ago, but kept most of my things in storage since we knew we'd be moving from my partner's house to a new house soon. Unwrapping all of my beloved possessions has been like Chanumas in August, but this bit of brilliant/deranged packing was too good to be true. What must I have been thinking? Clearly I'd run out of tea towels, reused bubble wrap, and scraps of tissue paper, and was just grabbing whatever was at hand. Unpacking has meant nearly doubling my wardrobe, as apparently I protected many of my breakables with sundresses and sweaters. Last week my mom sweetly re-wrapped my grandmother's china in bubblewrap so the clothes they'd been wrapped in wouldn't rot in our new (ancient) cellar- and her project yielded an entire load of laundry!

These moments make me think fondly of Martha Stewart and her individually-transported mirrors and chandelier moving boxes and how appalled she'd be if she saw my methods. But perhaps her methods don't provide a good laugh on an otherwise-exhausting moving day- and despite my madness, nothing broke..

What's the most hilarious/ill-advised/makeshift packing maneuver you've ever attempted?

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