Great Online Color Tool: kuler

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Color is powerful. At home, it can make a small space seem much larger, can affect our mood, and is a potent form of self-expression. It also can be tricky, so the more trial and error you can do before making purchases, the happier you’ll be with your finished space. Last year we did a top ten of online color tools, but have since found a new one that really is the best – kuler.

The site is set up to help you create a scheme of five colors that work well together. In the “Create” area, you simply choose a base color and then either apply a rule (analagous, monochromatic, complementary, shades, etc.) or just grab on to the color wheel and keep on adjusting until you find a scheme that really appeals to you.

It’s possible to save your favorites (and share with other kuler users) and there is a rating system, so if you want to check out the schemes that appeal to many people, you can, in the Highest Rated area (also available as a feed).

Fun to play around with or to use for some more serious color choosing, its worth at look (and a bookmark!).

Click over to kuler to check it out.