Gaming Controls to Take You to the Next Level

Gaming Controls to Take You to the Next Level

Joel Pirela
Aug 2, 2011

When you're piloting the latest F22 fighter jet on a strike mission or streaking across Monaco in a Porsche GT3...virtually, mind you...we believe the experience is significantly magnified when you're using the right control for a fully immersive experience. Here are a few of our favorite PC gaming controllers designed to blur the lines of reality and gaming.

Logitech Flight System
The Flight Stick is designed to mimic the real flight controls of a plance, complete with force feed back to create a sense of controlling a large hunk of flying metal. The dual stage trigger switch and the rotary trimmers are additional touches we appreciate. The controller even allows fine tuning for better control of your virtual airplane.

Fantatec Porsche 911 GT3 RS
For $320, this German built, force feedback beauty has 3 belt driven motors for ultra realistic control and hand stitched Italian Alcantara leather with real aluminum pedal set with pressure sensitive brake pedal. This steering wheel might be more luxurious than your real car! Adjustable paddle shifters add to the realistic driving effect for driving sim fans.

Thrustmaster Ferrari Wireless GT Cockpit
The Thrustmaster is the cheapest Ferrari piece you'll likely ever own: $250 will get you behind the wheel of a foldable and wireless cockpit set up. It's an ideal crossover controller, supporting both PC and PS3. A real metal chassis and the realistic touch and feel and the magnetic resistance pedal set will make you feel like you are driving a real Maranello until your mom/wife/husband/girlfriend/boyfriend tells you dinner is ready.

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