Great Quotes: Katharine Whitehorn

Great Quotes: Katharine Whitehorn

Jessica Tata
May 1, 2009
"When it comes to housework the one thing no book of household management can ever tell you is how to begin. Or maybe I mean why." ~Katharine Whitehorn, "Nought for Homework," Roundabout, 1962

Ever set off on a deep cleaning mission and find yourself jumping, distractedly, from one thing to another? To dust or vacuum first---or vacuum before and after you dust? We have found ourselves realizing that we need to mop, but just as we try to begin, finding that we need to tidy up, do the dishes, start some laundry and clean the stove first. Where to begin?

In our latest home, we really solidified a routine when it came to cleaning. Perhaps it was the small size that allowed (or forced!) us to become a bit more regimented about how we cleaned, but it ended up working out well. Once a week on our day off, we did a thorough clean of the place. Here's how we directed the operation:

Tidy Pick up and put things away. This usually means hanging up clothing we've cast about the room.

Make the bed If it's not already made--one of our daily rituals to keep our home looking relatively presentable at all times.

Do the dishes


Vacuum If we're feeling ambitious, we'll vacuum before dusting also. We have a dog--it helps!

Mop Thankfully we have a very tiny area that needs mopping.

Clean the bathroom

Febreeze The curtains, the rug and the shower curtain all get a little dose and we freshen the air with a little spray. While we burn candles and use essential oil based cleaner, this extra freshening helps us to ensure our small place never starts to smell like our dog, Jackson.

We usually do all of this with the windows wide open for a nice, refreshing cross breeze, and keep loads of laundry going throughout. There is, of course, great cleaning music playing the whole time! Paul Simon's Graceland has helped us forge through the messiest of cleaning battles.

Do you have a cleaning routine? Any favorite music that makes the thing a bit less of a chore?

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