Great Scott! Tube-Free Toilet Paper

Great Scott! Tube-Free Toilet Paper

Sarah Rae Smith
Oct 27, 2010

Although this new tubeless toilet paper from Scott isn't made from recycled or sustainable content, we'd like to applaud a step in the right direction, no matter how small.

Even though we've been using the discarded rolls to keep our bathroom tidy, we're pretty sure we can do without them.

I've personally long thought that the inner roll didn't serve much purpose and could have been done away with quite some time ago. Even if there are alternatives to toilet paper that don't require the cost and have the environmental impact that the mass-produced and commonly accepted standards do, we know many won't be giving up their TP any time soon.

Because of this, we like seeing the changes made to a large company and hope the product gets support to let other manufacturers know the time has come to take their products in a new direction. (Unlike the whole noisy Sunchips debacle.)

Would you buy roll-less toilet paper? Depending on the number of people in your family this one small step could have a large impact.

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(Via and image: Consumerist)

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