Great Things on Myles Of Style: Bookcase Makeover Part 1 of 2

Great Things on Myles Of Style: Bookcase Makeover Part 1 of 2

Sarah Rae Smith
Aug 22, 2008

It's always nice to see the people who win their competitive reality show succeed. Kim Myles on Myles of Style, or Michael Symon as the new Iron Chef are great examples of that. After catching up on some recorded episodes of Myles of Style this morning, we were really taken with a few projects that were presented. We will show you 2 of them today (look for the other one later)... click through the jump to see the first!

This episode of Myles of Style, started out like many others. Two busy people have a room that hasn't come together design wise. Kim Myles steps in and saves the day, transforming their space into a warm and cozy place to hang out. Awww.
On this particular episode Kim took built in bookshelves (painted white) and gave them a boost of color to make them a focal point in the room.

Kim cut mdf to fit in the back of each shelf on the bookcase (although almost anything would work). She then painted them flamingo pink and sat down with her homeowner (don't you just love it when the homeowners pitch in to help, and the women scream each time the nail gun goes off?).
Myles decided that aside from just painting the backer boards, that she wanted to use washers to give each one a textural element. At this point we were a bit worried (even the best projects have the ability to turn south quickly), but it turned out to be a fabulous look in the end. Check out the steps below to create your own "washer backboard" for your bookcases.

Kim busted out the ruler and made small "x's" every six inches or so. She then placed a single washer so the X was showing through the hole. Next glue is applied to the backs of washers, which are then placed at North, South, East and West around the middle washer. In the episode, Kim used a standard Craft glue. Just make sure that the glue you use will hold the weight of the washer firmly in place.

The middle washer is then removed. Remember to allow the washers around the outside time to dry before removing the middle washer. It will have a tendency to slide as you pick it up.

Don't forget to keep a small bit of touch up paint on hand to cover back over your X that was marked. Or if having to struggle with touch up paint doesn't sound like the best idea, a hole punch and a post it note would also do the trick. Simply punch, stick and remove when done! No touch ups needed.

The finished piece not only gives pattern and texture to the room, but the reflections off the washers from the lamps made a nice glow and sparkle to the room (without looking like a Disco Ball).

All in all it's a great project to keep in the back of your mind. Maybe washers aren't up your alley, and maybe pink isn't either. But the idea adding warmth to a space where there normally wouldn't be any brings balance to their accessories, books and other items on the shelf.

Photo of Kim Myles provided by HGTV

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