Green: A Sign in Itself

Green: A Sign in Itself

Jonathan B.
Nov 26, 2007

Green is the new black. We all know that by now, but still, we're thinking: what if green—as in the color—became the international symbol to cue greener behavior?

In a friend's kitchen and need to find the compost bin Look for the green bin. Want to save energy? Flip the green switch.

Our inspiration? The men's room in the airport. (Insert Senator Craig joke here.)

This familiar—but green—handle has a new twist: push down for the regular, full flush; lift up for a flush that uses less water. We especially like that this appears to be a retrofit: no need to buy a whole new toilet—just replace a valve. We need more things like that for our homes!

And for those living in full-pressure apartment buildings with tankless toilets, this valve should be relatively easy for a plumber to retrofit; add up the savings in water for your landlord, and you just might make the case.

The valve (apparently the technical term is flushometer!) is made by Sloan and called the Uppercut. It reduces water use from 1.6 gallons to 1.1 gallon per flush when lifted up. And that distinctive green color? It's an antimicrobial coating.

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