Green at Costco?

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Costco is the last place we expected to be blogging: a store where mayonnaise comes by the gallon, where there is quite possibly an entire forest represented in one week’s inventory of paper towels. But the last few times we’ve been in Costco, we’ve been surprised to see more and more green products for the home. In fact, an email came this morning alerting us to the latest addition: Green Works cleaners from Clorox.

Is buying green in bulk an oxymoron? We’re torn. Marketing principles (not to mention American waistlines) hold that selling larger quantities of consumable goods, such as food or beer, leads to increased consumption. But this is not so with goods that can be inventoried, such as paper towels, vacuum cleaner bags, and cleaning solution: you’re not likely to use more if you buy more — you’ll just buy them less often. That’s good news for Costco and bad news for your corner store.

So we’re thinking of doing a green tour of sorts of Costco, pointing out the green and the not-so-green products available in that particular retail nirvana. What do you think? Is there anything in particular we should seek out?