Green Away: 11 Ways to Green Your Hotel Room

Green Away: 11 Ways to Green Your Hotel Room

Abby Stone
Jul 7, 2009

This month is travel and escapes month across the Apartment Therapy sites. But, being green and traveling is a tricky combination. Getting to your destination creates one set of challenges; arriving in your hotel room creates another. How do you green your home away from home? We found these suggestions on Go Travel

  1. Unplug: Hotel room are a hotbed of electronic devices, most of which you'll never use but which drain energy even when they're off. Unless you're using them, the minibar, hair dryer and coffee maker can all be unplugged.
  2. Hang up your towels: Instead of leaving it on the floor to be replaced with a fresh towel.
  3. Move the soap. Using the same soap for the shower and the bath leaves one less bar to go to waste when you leave.
  4. Keep the Do Not Disturb sign on your door: I know, I know, part of being away is the bliss of coming back from a long day out and about in an unfamiliar city to fresh crisp sheets and a newly vacuumed room. But, if your desire to be green outweighs this temporary nirvana, you can ask that housekeeping not clean your room during your stay, wasting less water and electricity.
  5. Lower the thermostat. Just a few degrees can make a difference to the environment but will have little impact on your immediate comfort.
  6. Turn everything off when you leave your room: That includes the lights and the tv.
  7. If it's yellow let it mellow... You can practice this even while you're away.
  8. Use your own toiletries: All those little hotel bottles create more plastic waste. Better to bring your own stuff and leave the little bottles intact.
  9. Take shorter showers and turn off the water while you brush your teeth or shave: You're already practicing this at home, why not keep it up while you're on vacation?
  10. Leave the hotel pen, the hotel pad and other freebies behind: You don't need them and if you take them, they'll have to be replaced.
  11. Recycle. If your hotel doesn't provide recycling, find a nearby place that does.

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[image: The Lorien Hotel and Spa, Alexandria, Virginia]

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