Green Cleaning: Where To Make Donations

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Trying to sell or recycle something can sometimes be more trouble than it’s worth, but there’s almost always someone else who would gladly take your unwanted goods. Donating your unwanted stuff is an easy and rewarding way to unload old clothes, furniture, electronics and even airline miles, stocks and bonds — check out the list of reputable charities, after the jump.

Real Simple’s complied a great list of places to donate and we’ve added a few other good charities:

  1. Dress For Success: Collects and distributes professional clothing to disadvantaged women who are entering the workplace. Each client receives one suit when she has a job interview and additional apparel and accessories when she becomes employed.
  2. Habitat for Humanity: Habitat’s ReStore resale outlets accept donated home improvement goods like furniture, home accessories, building materials and appliances, which are then sold at a fraction of the retail price — proceeds goto building affordable houses to families in need.
  3. Homeless Shelters: Most locations will accept a range of goods such as nonperishable foods, clothes and toiletries.
  4. International Book Project: The IBP accepts excellent condition books and redistributed around the world for a variety of literary projects. The type of books most needed are text books, children’s library books and encyclopedias — all should be in english or spanish and newer than 10 years old. Any books that are not used will be sold in the IBP thrift store to help raise money for shipping funds.
  5. National Christina Foundation: This non-profit foundation accepts donated computers and other technology, which is then matched to charities, schools and public agencies in all 50 states, Canada, and in many countries around the world.
  6. The National Furniture Bank Association: The furniture bank is a non-profit organization that collects gently used home furnishings from the general public, then donates them to families in need, such as mothers and children escaping domestic violence, victims of natural disasters, formerly homeless people moving back into housing, people living with physical or mental disabilities and working families living below the poverty line.
  7. Recycle Phones: Recycle Phones will pay for shipping and plant a tree for each used cell phone it receives.
  8. The Salvation Army: In addition to clothing, furniture and household items the Salvation Army will also accept auto donations, United Airline miles, monetary donations (even bonds, funds, stocks and wills) and volunteer hours. Proceeds go to a number of projects such a youth camps, elderly services, missing persons, disaster relief, prisoner rehabilitation, drug and alcohol rehabilitation and the fight against human trafficking.
  9. The Vietnam Veterans Association: The VVA will pick up clothing, electronics and household goods and sells the donations through a bidding process to qualified retailers and money received from the sale of the items is used to fund VVA programs.
  10. The Wheelchair Project: The wheelchair project will accept used wheelchairs and give them to those in need.

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