The Ultimate Guide to Green Cleaning Your Bedroom

The Ultimate Guide to Green Cleaning Your Bedroom

We all tout the importance of keeping our kitchens and baths super clean, and free of toxins and harsh chemicals. But what about the place we spend a third of our day: the bedroom? To get a restful night's sleep, and keep allergies at bay, it's important to keep your bedroom free of irritants, dust and debris. Here's our ultimate guide to cleaning your bedroom, the green way.

Declutter: Before you can even begin to start the task of cleaning, declutter and organize your bedroom. In general, it's my preference to keep objects in my bedroom to a minimum. You don't want a bunch of stuff strewn about to distract you and stress you out when it's time to relax. Less is more for a serene bedroom space.
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Change Your Linens: You wrap your body in your sheets, every night, so these should be super clean. It's a good idea to have multiple sets of sheets (natural and organic, of course), so that you can change and clean them often without them getting worn down. And when we say clean, we mean without bleach. Use a homemade or eco-friendly laundry detergent to keep irritation at bay.
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Don't Dry Clean Your Pillows & Comforter: These fluffy bedding components not only provide comfort, but also a place for dirt to get trapped. To keep down comforters and pillow clean, skip the dry cleaners and try these DIY cleaning methods — at least once a year:
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Clean All Surfaces: Get rid of dust and dirt: tops of dressers, window sills, light fixtures and even trim. Try to avoid introducing any new chemicals or fragrance by simply using a damp microfiber cloth, but you might need a basic eco-friendly cleaner for particularly dirty areas.
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Say Goodbye to Dust Bunnies: Sweep, swiffer, mop and vacuum the floor. This is probably one of the more problematic areas for a bedroom: dust gets itself into every corner, nook, cranny and worst of all — under the bed. Also, we really recommend against carpeting — even thought they're soft under foot, they're huge dirt collectors.
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Clean The Windows: Sure, at night a dirty window won't really hurt anyone, but once it's time to rise and shine, the first thing you should see is a nice clear view, not cloudy, smudgy windows. Forget the blue cleaners — all you need is some newspaper, water and vinegar:
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Use An Air Filter: If you have bad allergies, or even just a not-so-great HVAC system, you might want to take that extra step and keep an air purifier in your room. They can help keep allergies at bay, and minimize polluted air from city life or smoking neighbors.
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