Green Cure Success: Pet Hair Magnet

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

The Cure works! We know a lot of you understand that already; however, it’s only week three and the Green Cure has already changed our lives. We just weren’t expecting that.

Basically, we knew going into this process that controlling our cats’ hair was going to be one of our biggest problems — the biggest thing we needed cured.

We’re both slightly allergic to our cats and their hair gets everywhere. We washed our bedding and lint rolled obsessively. But neither one of these pseudo-solutions was actually working (plus, the lint rolling thing seriously offended our green sensibilities — SO wasteful, but we were desperate).

Then, we posted a picture of the boys to the Green Cure Flickr Group.

Our caption: “Controlling their fur: Obstacle #1”

A few days later, we checked back on our pictures and the wonderful j_fer_rose had commented, recommending something called a Pet Hair Magnet.

We’d never heard of it before, but it sounded cool.

We bought one at PETCO for $12.99, brought it home, and proceeded to remove trashcans worth of hair from places we thought the cats avoided. The thing pulls hair out of fabric and upholstery and balls it up for easy removal.

It was gross. It changed our lives. No more wasting roll after roll of lint rollers — we’ve been saved!