Green Cure: That's a Wrap!

Green Cure: That's a Wrap!

Jonathan B.
Nov 2, 2007

chenoameg shares this idea for a simple and green centerpiece: squash in a glass bowl

We're done—almost. With two days left at the end of our first Green Cure, we'd like to know how far along you made it. Whether you're completely done or you gave up in week one: you've made progress towards rethinking your life at home, and that's worthwhile.

If you kind of faded away, rest assured that not everyone who starts the Cure finishes it the first time... but you're more likely to join us and to finish the next time around. When you find the right time, you'll move forward with purpose.

And everyone else—we want pictures!

The point of the cure is to make your home a more inviting backdrop for yourself and others. You've invested time, attention, and love on your home; invite some friends over to share it with them.

Maxwell puts it eloquently:

I've learned that whenever you do a lot of work on yourself (or your home) and spend a lot of intense time in pursuit of a self-enriching goal, the best way to finish it is to redirect this remarkable energy outwards to the world for the world's benefit. In this way we complete a circle, take our efforts one step further and leave this experience on a more elevated plane.
Speaking of a more elevated plane: we're wondering what we can do the next time around to improve the Green Cure. Constructive criticism is always appreciated: we're looking for things we can do, or do better, for the next cure.

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